Take our Perfectionist Quiz and find out if you share anything in common with The Perfect Girl?  

Does everyone have to like you?  Must you always be the best or most special?

How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving your home?  Do you continue to look at all reflections of yourself throughout the day?

Are you always in search of the next best secret to the perfect body?

How did you do so far?  Let's keep going...

Show Vulnerability?  Never!  Can you let anyone see your vulnerability, your flaws....that you are human?

Fear of Judgement?  Do you fear judgement and criticism from others and do you have exaggerated thoughts of other peoples perception of you?

Are you a very harsh judge of yourself?  Beat yourself up much?

Critical?  Are you overly critical about yourself?

Have fun?  Are you too busy at your dinner party making triple sure everything is perfect that you forget to have fun at your own party?

Controlling?  Are you exhausted from trying to control everything and everyone around you?

Self Doubt?  Do you have a constant inner monologue of self doubt? 

High Standards?  Do you set extremely high standards for yourself?  Are your goals set too high? 

How about the people around you....set high standard for them too?

Daily Fashion Crisis?  Do you obsess about your clothing selection? 

Mistakes?  Oh no, not mistakes.  Do you allow yourself to make any mistakes? 

 You know who you are....or you may have recovered but I bet you can feel some compassion for our girl and maybe laugh with her....

Before we get to her story, I thought we would try and define perfectionism.  I tried to find the perfect definition but don't know if one exists so....I decided to post a couple...