Who is Perfect?  No one

About The Perfect Girl

She goes through life striving for perfection (fearing imperfection) always coming up less than perfect.   This started at an age too early to remember...part taught, part demanded, part wishing, part fabricated, part protection.  If perfect, she would be loved and no one would ever leave her.

Now as an adult she can finally see what she is doing and tries to make some adjustments along the way....when she catches herself.  She can make fun of herself, which is one of her best and most beloved characteristics, makes her endearing and somewhat understood through humor .  She loves to laugh.

She wants to share some of the absurdities, hilarities, and the ridiculousness....and sometimes sadness and disappointments of how the quest for perfection creeps into life's decisions on an everyday basis and the unnecessary hell she puts herself through each and every day.  The self inflicted pressures that come with the trappings of striving for perfection. The inner workings of the The Perfect Girl in everyday life.

She wants to be the most perfect....the most special, the most beautiful, the best and most special: daughter, friend, girlfriend, co-worker, patient, tenant, landlord, client, employee, and yes, after all these years..... still striving for that perfect body.  Who isn't?  Oh the pressure that is always on her shoulders.  A lot to carry.  Maybe that is why she always carries a very large handbag.